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My dog continuously had resource guarding and would (randomly) snap at other dogs and Elias helped me in the right direction to break her of her bad habit. He very timely to e-mails and was able to set up an appointment within a couple days to meet my apt area's dog park. Throughout the session he was very cordial and was able to point out new tactics to decrease my furry friend's frustration. Following the session, Elias sent me an e-mail with little reminders and cues directly for my doggo. It has been 3 weeks since we met with Elias and people in my dog park/apt complex have all noticed an immense difference in how friendly my puppo plays - she realizes there is more to life than just fetch, and she can play with other dogs in a friendly manner. Elias remains in contact with me through texts to ensure my full understanding of the training. At the end of the day, Elias gives you all of the tools you need in order to work on whatever issues you are having, but it is up to the human to diligently implement all of the information. I would definitely recommend Elias and his training to other people and may use him again in the future as he is not only very helpful, but reasonably priced compared to other dog behaviorists that I looked to hire. 

- Michael L

Just getting Elias' help this week with our brand new 9-month border collie mix rescue.  Pup is a handful with a lot to learn (as do parents) - Elias is helping us with the transition.  After just two days we are seeing improvement.  Elias is flexible time-wise & hugely responsive to our needs (read that panic).  Looking forward to future progress!

- Laurie B

-Elias worked with our rescue dog and I can speak from experience that he has a special gift with dogs. He can speak their language, understand their behavior, and explain to you how to best communicate with them.

We hired him for an intensive weeklong training and it made such a difference!He is especially good at socializing dogs. With the help of his own 5 rescue dogs, he was able to conveniently travel to us, and he helped our dog go from zero social skills to being able to play and communicate with other dogs effectively. We are very pleased and grateful for the amount of time, energy, and attention Elias gave our dog to help him.

- Susie

We needed help with our new puppy Melly who had been jumping, barking, not coming on command and digging holes. I met Elias on Tiktok and l'm sure glad I did! Elias is extremely knowledgeable and caring when it comes to pups! He gave us some great guidance on how to handle these behaviors. After several weeks of consistently, Melly is much better! It definitely took the stress off of us having Elias show us how to deal with these behaviors. Elias is an excellent source for help if you're looking to correct your dog's behavior in a humane way.

T. Wilbanks

Elias had my dog acting better within the first hour of meeting him. With in two days he taught me how to handle her around other dogs and she was walking by my side listening to me!

He also used his dogs to help better her socialization skills.

Really impressed with how easy he made it for me and my dog!

-Katy D

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