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Hey there! Thanks for checking out our website! My name is Elias. At the age of four, my family and I went to our local humane society and rescued a Springer Spaniel mix who we named Silky. I patiently sat in front of her kennel while my grandmother signed the adoption forms assuring her that she had found her pack. Ever since the day of Silky's adoption twenty-five years ago, I knew that canine care was my calling. I have been rescuing, rehabilitating and socializing canines both as a passion and as a profession for the vast majority of my life. There are currently five dogs in my pack at home that I love more than anything in the universe. 

I have been blessed to work with a handful of dog experts and trainers throughout my life that have taught me an endless amount of knowledge with canine communication and coaching. I thrive off of educating people in ways to help strengthen their bond and understanding with their dogs. The passion I have for teaching people about canine behaviors, thought processes and training/socialization techniques is endless; I have helped tons of dogs & dog parents over the past few years overcome their unique challenges; I cannot wait to help you connect with your dog on a completely new level. 

Mission Statement

Our main focus is to help educate doggy parents on canine communication and training as well as using our skill sets to help rehabilitate and train the dogs in our community (especially rescues) in overcoming any and all behavioral and socialization issues that can occur.




Meet and Greet

Consultations are free!

Please call or text me at 607-339-6347 for scheduling.

** Vaccination history is required prior to working with your pooch in person. **

Online Video Classes:

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   We have years of experience in solving:

- Intense Fear / Anxiety

- Excessive Barking

- Aggression with other dogs or people

- Separation Anxiety

- Jumping / Uncontrollable Play Energy

- Resource Guarding

- Leash Reactivity

- Indoor Potty Accidents

- Destruction of Property

And much more!

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